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40 Years Wasted

When I was little, I was diagnosed with having eczema.  Over the years, it has come and gone but mostly stayed about causing me bother with my hands, which is where it tends to be.  Today, however, I went to the GP and she informed me that due to the fact that it is on the palms of my hands it is not eczema and is, in fact, psoriasis.

My first thought was “what a waste of treatment over the years”.  The amount of time, effort and money I have put into treating my hands, which by most accounts have not really reacted to the treatment, but instead split even further.

I know it is not life threatening, but having constant split, bleeding cut hands that never seem to heal has been a bit of a blight.  I have not been able to enjoy some of my pastimes due to it, and general things like washing the car, doing the gardening, general cleaning have all been marred because I was wrongly diagnosed.

I am happy that finally something may work, but, just in case I am keeping an open mind until I see an improvement of the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “40 Years Wasted”

  1. That the inflammation is on the palms of your hands is not really clear indication that it is not eczema. It may be that your skin condition is actually psoriasis, but both eczema and psoriasis can manifest on the palms of the hands.

    Dishydrotic/pomphylox eczema is most common on the hands, but it manifests as tiny bubbles or blisters. Contact dermatitis is also very common on the hands of eczema-prone individuals, and even food or environmental allergies can cause isolated flares in the hands.

    Have you seen a dermatologist who specialises in eczema? I have personally found GPs to be of less use in the proper treatment of dermatoses.


    1. I have not been to see a dermatologist, but will speak to my GP for a referral in the new year. My treatment is better than that of the past, but I am still getting severe reactions, but the ointment does work. The old ointments in the past did nothing, and I was told that my body just got used to them, but being honest, none of the past treatment worked. Thanks for your advice, I will take it up.


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