Sadness and horror hits London, again!

In the last few months, and mainly the last several weeks we in the UK have seen some dreadful things happening.  Terrorism in London and Manchester, and today we woke to the latest tragedy to hit, the terrible fire in the 24 floor Grenfell Tower in West London.

My heart goes out to all those affected.  The news states so far only 12 lives lost, but this block houses approximately 650 people, and the speed and ferocity of the fire mean the death toll will rise.  It was a sorrowful thing to hear about, people throwing their children out the windows to save them, many adults leaping, and no doubt enduring severe injury from the drop.

I could not imagine what these people went through, and the survivors are currently going through.  The enormity and horror of it are overwhelming, and as such we become voyeurs watching it unfold, rigid in front of the televisions, hoping for the best, but witnessing the worst, and all along grateful that we are not the victims.

It seems week in week out that something unpleasant happens, and London lately has been taking the hit constantly.  I like many others, hope that this spate of terror and horror is at an end, and people can live again without all the fears borne from these events.

God bless those that have perished.

2 Comments on “Sadness and horror hits London, again!

  1. I saw some of the footage of that fire last night and it looked absolutely hellish. On top of everything else that’s happened in England lately, my heart is with everyone in England dealing with all this.

    We had something pretty shocking happen here in the States this morning: a Congressman (actually, the House Majority Whip, who is the #3-ranked member of the House of Representatives, behind the Speaker of the House and the House Minority Leader) and several others were shot this morning during a practice for a Congressional charity baseball game that was due to take place tomorrow. So far, only the gunman is dead, but the Congressman (who underwent surgery late this morning) is currently in critical condition. It’s been a sobering day for the politically minded here. I was not affiliated with this Congressman’s party, but my heart is still with him as a human being as well as with the others who were shot.


    • The world we live in is becoming more extreme and dangerous to live in, with the many shootings in your country, and the terrorism around the globe, and here in the UK the governments lack of interest in the lives of people. I feel sorry for people having to bring kids up in this trying to explain why the violence takes place without rhyme or reason, and the lack of care governments across the planet have for their subjects.

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