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String Chaos For The Converted…

I really want to make this afghan. I have looked high and low in the UK for it at a reasonable price, however, I can only find ones that are priced way out of my budget.  The cheapest was £57.05 plus delivery, which is outrageous.

I have tried Ravelry, and LoveKnitting, but to no avail.  eBay I see again silly prices, and most of the time they are only in the USA, which means on top of the silly price customs charges are added on delivery which is an extra 20% then handling charges for the courier because of the customs charges, so it just keeps getting more expensive as the day goes on.  I know that items can be marked as a “Gift” and there are no customs charges and extras, but getting a seller to do this is hard work.

I even tried the county library and nothing.

Looks like this will be a pipe dream knit that always manages to elude my grasp.

18 thoughts on “The Great American Aran Afghan…

  1. AJ says:

    It is so beautiful! I think I want to make one:) Thanks for sharing the picture!

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Totally agree, thats why I want to make one.

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      1. AJ says:

        I think I’ll just look through a book of knitting stitches and choose my own patterns for each block.


      2. Mr Knitter says:

        I would do that, but the idea of making this one is driving me wild. I love a good complex piece.

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  2. I see one for sale or trade from Canada for $5.00 Canadian. I’ll send you the link on Ravelry.


    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Oh, thank you. I could not find one there, only a link for corrections.

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  3. It’s certainly beautiful.

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  4. It does look gorgeous. Hope everything works out!

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      So far not looking good. The one on Ravelry was given away. So I’ll keep looking.


      1. sanseilife says:

        Theives! This book is in some libraries in the US but no near me that I could see


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