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String Chaos For The Converted…

pexels-photo-340012.jpegI decided I would sew up my sweater.  I finished it over a month ago, and left it there in my Booths bag, waiting in anticipation at being finished and worn.  But, for some reason I did not feel compelled to finish it, no real reason, well, maybe a bit of laziness was to blame, okay, a lot of laziness was to blame.  I am sure dear friends you have had the same feeling in the past of “Oh, I just can’t be arsed”, I had done the hard work and just hoped that a miracle would happen in the bag, and it would be all done for me by the faeries, alas the only faery that will be sewing is me.  So, I sat at my lovely Indian Rosewood dining table and started with the sleeves.  I did one up to the armhole, then pulled out the iron and ironing board and ironed the front and back in order to have a straight line to sew.  Sitting down I started sewing the armholes together, after getting halfway round I realised that being distracted by nothing of importance I had sewn the blooding thing the wrong way, in that it looked like a deconstructed garment and rather than being a lovely seam it was inside out.  Bollocks was my exclamation and quickly cutting the yarn I then undid it and decided to fold it up and put it on my office desk and do it tomorrow.  At least I have one sleeve done.

One of the things I was not sure about was which stitch I should use as there are so many of them.  I have edge/selvedge stitches at each end, so there are many possibilities, so far I think mattress stitch seems to the stitch of choice, so tomorrow, I will be going at it like a loon so I can finally wear it.

6 thoughts on “Bloody Sewing…

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set something aside to finish it later. When I finally get around to it and it’s done I wonder why I put it off.
    Mattress stitch is probably your best bet. I look forward to seeing it done. But no pressure;)

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  2. The number of times I’ve done that…grrr… You have my sympathy.

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  3. tonymarkp says:

    I feel your pain. It’s a case of the flat knitting blues. I’m not totally against knitting flat. I’m in the middle of a sweater I’ll eventually have to sew together. I’ll probably do the same as you and leave it unsewn until later.

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  4. Mr Knitter says:

    Looks like sewing is the bane of all our lives, yet I enjoy sewing fabric and mending things, just knit sewing is a jobless loved. Glad I am in good company with this. As some of you know I love to make huge complex circular blankets and socks that give me great joy, but I never have to sew them, so I think that is the crucial thing. Next time make something that does not need sewing.


  5. AJ says:

    I always seem to sew at least one part the wrong way!! It’s why I moved to all one piece sweaters:)

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