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String Chaos For The Converted…

Well, what can I tell you about my latest knitting item, you know, the hat for breast cancer, I ripped it off the needles.  Why? you may ask, well I was doing it on DPN’s then moved to circular needles, but when I got so far I could see that it really would not be big enough for an adult, and I was doing the medium size, so it had to go.  I take a large size in hats and it would not go anywhere near me, M is Medium and he struggled, and it was quite a loose knit, so really it should have been okay, but nope.  I also noticed that I had cocked up a few of the twist stitches.

Since we have the so-called Beast from the East 2 hitting us again this weekend I will start it all again, and cross my fingers that it works this time.  I was enjoying doing it as the rib is a twisted stitch and the main pattern was lots of YO, SSK, K2Tog and P2SSO, so it was quite rhythmical, even hypnotic.

I have a few weeks to do both and get one off to the charity, so fingers crossed we are snowed in and progress will be made.

6 thoughts on “WIP Hat…

  1. Aww…it’s a frog 🐸! (Get it? Rip it, rip it…)

    Better to frog now and start over than wait until the end and have it not fit.


    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Decided just to cut the yarn and start again. As ya do.

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  2. sanseilife says:

    Great color! Chemo patients need hats all year long and someone is going to be cheered by that fun color!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr Knitter says:

      That one is called cranberry. I’m also doing on called Ox Blood too

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      1. sanseilife says:

        Don’t forget to post pictures love to see the color


  3. AJ says:

    I hope it goes well this time! I love an interesting pattern:)


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