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String Chaos For The Converted…

Well, my letter writing seems to be at a steady stream.  I have 5 penpals so far, a guy in France, and ladies in Germany, Bath, Finland & America.  I had written to a lady in Belgium but received the letter back saying that the address was incomplete, so messaged her as I had copied and pasted her address from her message.  Yesterday, I received a message asking if I would write to a guy in Russia, so what the hell, although I find writing the first letter always a little hard as I never know what to say or how far to go.  Do I just do a page intro and leave it at that or do I write something longer with no reals scope on discovery?  Getting a happy medium is quite the thing.  My penpal in Hamburg sticks to one sheet of A4 paper, both sides which work well, but I can be a chatterbox in the letter writing side, and when sending to my one in Bath manage usually 9 pages.

Postcards are coming thick and fast from Postcrossing, and with extras from my friend at Cupcakes & Canter, who was a great help with the penpals and quite an authority on the subject.

Now my mission is to get a penpal in Japan.  I learned to speak Japanese many many years ago and loved everything about the culture and the place, so thought I penpal there would be fun.  Maybe find one in New York as it is a place that I love to see on films and the TV, and maybe one in Australia or New Zealand. Oh, and Iceland too!

7 thoughts on “Letter Writing…

  1. I am so glad that it’s worked out so well for you!!! I’m so behind in letters, but I’m about to ease up on swap-bot and get back to writing letters. Also, I appreciate the shout out in this post! 🙂

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Got your postcard, and I have sent a third to you this weekend.

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  2. AJ says:

    Wow you’re going to be a world traveler through your letters:)

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Hope so, and I hope in life too.

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      1. AJ says:

        That would be even better!

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  3. tonymarkp says:

    This is great! I suppose I’m getting the letter writing bug from reading your updates. Any day now I’ll be looking for snail mail pen pals.

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Well if you ever fancy snail mailing with me, just let me know.

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