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Christmas Eve

So, here we are, and what a busy day.

I decided to make Christmas tree biscuits as well as my usual homemade stuffing, and most of my trifle with only the cream to whip tomorrow.

My prep is done and the table is set, and M and I are relaxing in front of the TV drinking tea. All the lights are twinkling about the house, over 1000 in the lounge, 240 in the bedroom, hundreds in the kitchen, and the spiral staircase is lit up with 400 of them. Very cosy indeed.

One of the presents I got for M was a signed photo of Linda Carter dressed as Wonder Woman. M loves both the new and old Wonder Woman, but his heart lies with Linda Carter. I was supposed to get a frame for it, but could not find one I liked and I could not get the right size either, so decided that I would give him it tonight. Needless to say, he loved it.

I have been chatting to my friends in Australia who are 11 hours ahead of us, so are already enjoying Christmas Day, and sending photos of their day so far, although they are having the day with 32c heat, we are -2c. Not too sure which I would prefer, I think the cold, as it is more Christmasy, although I would prefer the Christmas of that portrayed by Charles Dickens, lots of snow, and people wishing good health to all. Maybe it is the romantic in me that laments Christmas of the past.

So, with that I will wish you one and all, a Very Merry Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve”

  1. We’re just coming out of a cold snap here, it’ll be mild as normal come tomorrow and into the New Year. We don’t do much for Christmas, but I am gonna start cooking the sauce for a lasagna shortly. My grandmother (who was full-blooded Sicilian) loved to cook lasagna for Christmas, and since my dad didn’t get a turkey from his job this year (no big deal, honestly, didn’t even notice until it was almost Thanksgiving and we had plans to visit my brother anyway), I decided to cook a lasagna instead. I haven’t decided whether to take pictures of the process, but I know I have to cook the meat (I’m using sage-seasoned pork sausage), and then simmer the sauce for half an hour (just long enough to get the seasoning to infuse into it). I’ll be using oven-ready lasagna noodles, which takes some of the hassle away. I’ve also got mozzarella and ricotta cheeses. Not the healthiest dish, but it is oh so good.

    Hope you had a great birthday and a very merry Christmas to you and M and Maz and Harper!

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