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String Chaos For The Converted…

In the words of Jim Carey, “Somebody Stop Me”.

I bought more books. I cannot help it, it is like an addiction. Anyway, this is what I bought today.

  • English: A Story of Marmite, Queueing and Weather – Ben Fogle
  • Up: My Life Journey to the Top of Everest – Ben Fogle
  • Blood for Blood – Victoria Selman
  • The Killer Collective – Barry Eisler

At this rate, I need to learn to read a book a day. I bought M some great books for Christmas too, 2 of which I would like to read, and my parents bought him the latest Churchill book “Churchill: Walking With Destiny”, which is another one that I want to read too. Maybe I should start practising my speed reading. Yes, I can speed read, but I prefer to go at a natural pace and take the book in, visualise what’s going on, and transfer the words to the movie projector in my mind. A prime example would be Bird Box by Josh Malerman, which I read in October, then watched the film in December and discovered the moved that played in my head from the book was far better than the actual movie itself.

Anyway, someone, please stop me from buying more books than I can possibly read in my lifetime, or send me a vampire to make me immortal.

4 thoughts on “Expanding Library

  1. Telling you to stop buying books is like telling a knitter to stop buying yarn…it’s never gonna happen! 😁

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Oh you are so right about that, and I have more yarn that I will ever use, and still I keep buying more LOL

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  2. Agreed about Bird Box being a better book than movie! I would never tell you (or anyone)to stop buying books BUT I would gladly take (steal) all your books so that you have a justifiable excuse to buy more. Im selfless – you’re welcome. I’m guilty of buying loads of books. I happened to go to a thrift store with my Mum and loaded up her cart with about 30. And then a week later, bought four more from Barnes and Noble. Back to Josh Malerman. I requested to via NetGalley to read his newest book which is to be publishedayer this year. I need more of his writing in my life.

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Agreed on JM’s writing. It was one of those books that you do not read, you just absorb, which to me is the sign of a good writer.


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