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So, I need a bit of advice/help/suggestions etc.

My Fitbit Blaze has a battery problem, and it only lasts 24 hours if I am lucky, and 4 hours if I am not. I don’t mind charging it, that’s not the problem, it’s the 4 hours stint which happens quite a bit. I bought it in September 2016, so it is close to 3 years old. It is my third Fitbit. My last two were returned within the first year of having them due to moulded strap problems.

I am thinking of three watches so far, Apple Watch Series 4, Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa. I like the idea of GPS built into the watch rather than piggybacking off my iPhone. I like that they all work with messaging etc., all three can carry music and connect to Bluetooth headphones which is a bonus.

The Apple Watch has a medical standard ECG reader which is good as I have a dodgy heart, so that’s positive health-wise. All three do heartbeat monitoring, exercise routines, movement reminder etc. The prices, however, are quite different. The Apple Watch is £429, the Ionic is £249 and the Versa is £199.

So, what are the thoughts of my readers? Do you have either of these watches? Do you love or hate them? Let me know, I need to get a new one soonish.


7 thoughts on “Which Watch?

  1. AJ says:

    Sorry I can’t help as I’m still looking for a watch myself. It’s so difficult to make a decision!

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    1. Mr Knitter says:

      Totally agree. Buying these things is a big commitment, especially financially. I sometimes lament the old days when a watch was a watch and we were not obsessed with being fit lol

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      1. AJ says:

        Exactly! They’re so expensive that it just adds too much pressure to buy the right one😖


      2. Mr Knitter says:

        I am leaning towards the Apple Watch just because of the ECG function that it has. I nearly ordered one today, and stopped again. I have been doing the Tim Gunn approach to buying stuff, put it is the basket and return 24 to 48 hours later to see if you still want it. I do this quite often and then delete the items.

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      3. AJ says:

        I do that too, but didn’t know it was the Tim Gunn strategy. It sounds like the ECG would be a good feature for you.
        My purchase is going to come down to finding one that fits me and does pace!


      4. Mr Knitter says:

        Garmin would be good for you as they are one of the best for running.

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      5. AJ says:

        Ok I’ll take a closer look at them


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