My musical taste really does run the gamut, and this song proves that I enjoy all, including a bit of disco. I guess this would be one of my eight records if I were to pick my Desert Island Discs. Disco of the 70’s and 80’s really makes me want to dance, and I wish that I could have enjoyed the disco scene in San Francisco at that time. I have many… Read More

A song from the 70’s, 1974 to be exact.  I love this song it has such madness set about it. Focus with Hocus Pocus

Last night at 7:30 pm we left M’s father and brother at the port for them sailing home. It was a great relief. My initial thoughts detailed in “Family Visit” were on target. Friday we collected them at the port and drove the hour back home. M’s brother could not wait to start, or should I say, carry on drinking, which he did as though his life depended on it, quite literally… Read More

This was an easy one today, a song that makes you want to fall in love, and for this, there is only one. Depeche Mode – One Caress

I love classical music and have a deep passion for music written in the 16th centuries, and pastoral music, therefore, for today I give you one from each Gregorio Allegri (b 1585) and the second is a Vaughan Williams (b 1872) take on a theme of Thomas Tallis (b 1505). The second piece I saw being performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the beautiful Liverpool Cathedral. It was an incredible… Read More

A song that you play when you are angry? Honestly, I do not have specific songs, but I do love a bit of heavy metal or death metal to get me going. If listening to this likes of this it helps channel my anger and usually neutralises it. Bloodspot – Volcanos